Grasping Objects From the Floor in Assistive Robotics: Real World Implications and Lessons Learned

De La Puente, Paloma ✉; Fischinger, David; Bajones, Markus; Wolf, Daniel; Vincze, Markus

Angol nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
Megjelent: IEEE ACCESS 2169-3536 2169-3536 7 pp. 123725-123735 2019
  • SJR Scopus - Computer Science (miscellaneous): Q1
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This paper presents a system enabling a mobile robot to autonomously pick-up objects a human is pointing at from the floor. The system does not require object models and is designed to grasp unknown objects. The robot decides by itself if an object is suitable for grasping by considering measures of size, position and the environment suitability. The implementation is built on the second prototype of the home care robot Hobbit, thereby verifying that complex robotic manipulation tasks can be performed with economical hardware. The presented system was already tested in real apartments with elderly people. We highlight this by discussing the additional complexity for complete autonomous behavior in apartments compared with tests in labs.
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2023-03-25 18:02