Agricultural practices of apple and apple nursery production according to Turkish IAS 41 accounting standard in an agricultural enterprise

Buyukarikan, Ulukan ✉

English Article (Journal Article) Scientific
Published: CUSTOS E AGRONEGOCIO ON LINE 1808-2882 1808-2882 15 (2) pp. 465-488 2019
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  • Other agricultural sciences
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In this study, an agricultural enterprises that produce apple in Turkey commercially, Agricultural practices Standard according to IAS 41 Agriculture has been the subject of this study. Calculation of direct labor and direct costs of variable and fixed cost was carried out on the basis of the production process in an agricultural enterprises. Market values of agricultural products obtained after harvest were tableted on financial statement tables with two different approaches, namely "fair value" and "income". Bearer plants fair value was calculated using two methods; cost and present value approaches.Among these methods, the "fair value method" which is achieved by subtracting the estimated sales costs from the sales value of the agricultural products obtained after harvest and the second is the "income method" that is determined by lowering the estimated sales costs and production costs from the production value of the harvested agricultural products. In this context, the agricultural activities in an enterprise have benefited from both methods in transferring the resulting agricultural products to the Profit or Loss Statement.The output obtained from the study of accounting in the process of agribusiness in the sector of nurseries and cultivation of fruit, which is expressed in these aspects, can contribute positively to the investment decision.
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