The Exoplanet Handbook

Perryman, Michael

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakkönyv (Könyv)
Megjelent: 2018
    With the discovery of planets beyond our solar system 25 years ago, exoplanet research has expanded dramatically, with new state-of-the-ar ground-based and space-based missions dedicated to their discovery an characterisation. With more than 3,500 exoplanets now known, th complexity of the discovery techniques, observations and physica characterisation have grown exponentially. This Handbook ties all thes avenues of research together across a broad range of exoplanet science Planet formation, exoplanet interiors and atmospheres, and habitabilit are discussed, providing in-depth coverage of our knowledge to date Comprehensively updated from the first edition, it includes instrumenta and observational developments, in-depth treatment of the new Keple mission results and hot Jupiter atmospheric studies, and major update on models of exoplanet formation. With extensive references to th research literature and appendices covering all individual exoplane discoveries, it is a valuable reference to this exciting field for bot incoming and established researchers.
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    2021-08-01 16:22