Biodegradable Polymeric Solid Framework-Based Organic Phase-Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage

Prajapati, Deepak G.; Kandasubramanian, Balasubramanian ✉

English Scientific Survey paper (Journal Article)
  • SJR Scopus - Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous): Q1
    Phase-change materials (PCMs) are utilized for thermal energy storage (TES) to bridge the gap between supply and demand of energy. Organic PCMs, similar to paraffins, fatty acids, and polyethylene glycol, are extensively explored, thanks to their high TES capacity (similar to 5-10 times more than the sensible heat storage of water/rock), wide temperature range (spanning from -5 degrees C to 190 degrees C), good thermal stability over heating-cooling cycles (similar to 100 cycles), etc. However, "leakage" of PCMs upon transformation from solid to liquid has limited their usage as TES materials; thus, PCMs are confined to a biopolymeric framework for circumventing seepages. However, extensive analysis has concluded that there is a deficiency in availability of consolidated data on biopolymeric-based framework for PCMs. Thus, this review covers various literatures on the application of assorted biopolymers as framework for PCM. Simultaneously, we have also discussed on importance of biopolymers for constructing a framework for PCMs. Finally, the review concludes with future prospects, along with possibilities and disputes on the course of their practical application.
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    2021-11-29 02:54