Is axillary lymph node dissection necessary for positive preoperative aspiration cytology lymph node results?

Horváth, Z. [Horváth, Zoltán (sebészet), author] Department of Surgery (USZ / ASZMS); Paszt, A. [Paszt, Attila (sebészet), author] Department of Surgery (USZ / ASZMS); Simonka, Z. [Simonka, Zsolt (sebészet), author] Department of Surgery (USZ / ASZMS); Látos, M. [Látos, Melinda (Pszichológia), author] Department of Surgery (USZ / ASZMS); Kaizer, L. [Kaizer, László (pathologia), author] Department of Pathology (USZ / ASZMS); Hamar, S. [Hamar, Sándor (pathológia), author] Department of Pathology (USZ / ASZMS); Vörös, A. [Vörös, András (patológia), author] Department of Pathology (USZ / ASZMS); Ormándi, K.; Fejes, Z. [Fejes, Zsuzsanna (Klinikai orvostud...), author]; Lázár, G. ✉ [Lázár, György ifj (Klinikai orvostud...), author] Department of Surgery (USZ / ASZMS)

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    Introduction Based on international guidelines, axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) is recommended in cases of breast cancer if preoperative examinations confirm axillary metastasis. We examined which set of preoperative parameters might render ALND unnecessary Patients and method Preoperative examinations (axillary ultrasound and aspiration cytology) confirmed axillary metastasis in 190 cases out of 2671 patients with breast cancer; primary ALN dissection was performed on these patients with or without prior neoadjuvant therapy. The clinicopathological results were analysed to determine which parameter might predict the presence of no more than 2 or 3 metastatic ALNs Results The final histological examination confirmed 1–3 metastatic lymph nodes in ALND samples in 116 cases and over 3 metastatic lymph nodes in 74 cases. For patients receiving neoadjuvant therapy (59 out of the 190 cases), if the size of the primary tumour was 2 cm or smaller and/or the metastatic ALN was 15 mm or smaller, then the patient was likely to have no more than 3 positive ALNs (stage N0–1 disease) (p < 0.001). If the patient did not receive neoadjuvant therapy, stage N2 or N3 disease was very likely. No correlation was found between other clinicopathological characteristics of the tumour and involvement of the ALNs Conclusion Axillary lymph node dissection is not necessary for selected breast cancer patients with axillary metastasis receiving neoadjuvant therapy. In these cases, sentinel lymph node biopsy with or without radiation therapy and close follow-up may serve as adequate therapy
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