Gazdálkodást támogató adatgyűjtő rendszer fejlesztése és tesztelése

Tóth, Mihály [Tóth, Mihály (Agrárinformatika), author] Ihrig Károly Gazdálkodás- és Szervezéstudományo... (UD / TDT); Szilágyi, Róbert [Szilágyi, Róbert (Gazdálkodás- és s...), author] Üzleti Informatika Tanszék (UD / GTK / AILI)

Hungarian Not classified (Miscellaneous) Scientific
Published: 2017
Conference: Informatika a Felsőoktatásban 2017 2017-08-29 [Debrecen, Hungary]
    • MTMT: 30926439
    Nowadays, the data and the conclusions are playing an important role in the decision-making of an observed process. As data source, it is worth mentioning, among other alternatives, the data acquisition systems and the data provided by them, which is the main topic of the presentation. We would like to demonstrate the development of a device based on IoT concept, specialized on agricultural processes. During the development, we considered the user needs and the sensors and accessories were selected accordingly. The main criterion was the implementation of modularity. The subsystems of the modules are connected via a CAN protocol or TWI bus using a data protocol. There are currently six modules developed. The control module is the main device that uses an Atmel AVR or ARM microcontroller beside the additional components. The user interface module, sensor modules, communication module and external device control module can also be connected to the system. The software running on them was developed in the Atmel Studio development environment, while the printed circuits were designed with Autodesk Eagle. The measured data is stored in a MySQL database that defines the system architecture in addition to the measurements and errors. To manage the system, a desktop application has been developed for C# programming language, which provides data query, modification of settings, and the use of statistical and data visualization methods. In addition, the web application allows queries to be executed, while the back-end module is designed to establish a connection between the system and the database. The current state aims at expanding experiences and databases in the field of practical testing, enabling them to meet the data requirements for control tasks and decision making.
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