Prenatal Bisphenol A exposure and early childhood neurodevelopment in Shandong, China

Pan, Rui; Wang, Caifeng; Shi, Rong; Zhang, Yan; Wang, Yiwen; Cai, Chen; Ding, Guodong; Yuan, Tao; Tian, Ying ✉; Gao, Yu ✉

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
  • SJR Scopus - Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health: Q1
    Background: Several epidemiological studies suggest that prenatal exposure to BPA may interfere with the neurodevelopment of pre-school and school-age children. However, a limited number of studies are available for effects during children at a younger age, especially in China.Methods: Based on Laizhou Wan Birth Cohort (LWBC), BPA concentrations were measured in urine among 506 pregnant women during their hospital admission for delivery and neurodevelopment of their children was assessed using the Gesell Development Schedules at 12 months (n = 368) and 24 months (n = 296). Linear regression and generalized linear models were used to analyze the association between prenatal BPA exposure and the children's developmental quotient scores (DQs).Results: The median of maternal BPA concentration was 0.48 mu g/L or 1.05 mu g/g creatinine. Maternal BPA concentrations were adversely associated with children DQs at 12 months of age, with a 10-fold increase in prenatal BPA concentrations correlated to 1.43-point decrease in DQs in the adaptive domain (beta = -1.43; 95% CI: -2.30 to -0.56, p = 0.001). When stratified by gender, prenatal BPA concentrations were adversely associated with the adaptive domain DQs among boys (p-trend = 0.012) and girls (p-trend = 0.028) and the social domain DQs (p-trend = 0.019) only among girls. At 24 months of age, the significant adverse association was only found in the language domain among girls (beta = -1.69; 95% CI: -3.23 to -0.15, p = 0.032).Conclusion: Based on a Chinese population, we found potential impacts of prenatal BPA exposure on childhood neurodevelopment at 12 and 24 months of age, especially among girls.
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    2021-04-16 13:25