Szénhidrogén-földtani adatok a Magyar Bányászati és Földtani Szolgálat ásványvagyon nyilvántartásában.

Kovács, Zsolt [Kovács, Zsolt (Geológia, geofizika), author] Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary; Zilahi-Sebess, László [Zilahi-Sebess, László József (Mélyfúrási-geofizika), author] Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary; Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary

Hungarian Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    Hungarian hydrocarbon resources are registered by the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (MBFSZ), in accordance with the Mining Act (Act XLVIII. of 1993 on mining). Data supply to the Hungarian State Mineral Raw Material and Geothermic Energy Resources Registry is based on the obligatory yearly data supply of mining contractors; MBFSZ produces yearly datasets from them. Information contained in the hydrocarbon register contains information on units referred to hydrocarbon reservoir levels field by field. This registry contains data related to already discovered, explored hydrocarbon accumulations. The register database contains data of hydrocarbon quantities for each and every reservoir as follows: resource initially in place, initially recoverable resource, summarised production, production of the actual year, and the recoverable resource as of January 1. These data and information sets are separately given for conventional crude oil, free natural gas, gas cap gas, dissolved gas, CO2 gas and for unconventional gas and condensate resource quantities. Besides resources data, the registry contains basic parameters for crude oil and natural gas, such as their composition, along with fundamental parameters of the reservoir such as the depth of oil-water, gas-water, gas-oil contact boundary compared to relative sea level, porosity, permeability, gas- and oil saturation, besides other information required for mineral resource estimation. Also provides data about the quality of reservoir rock, the mineral composition and physical parameters of its reserved fluid content. The register contains a number of geological data on the reservoirs and fields that provide valuable information on the quantitative changes in the domestic hydrocarbon resources, the quality composition of the stored fluids, and the physical properties of the reservoir rocks. Based on the statistical processing of the data, estimates can be made for the amount of oil and natural gas can be discovered in the future, and the analysis of hydrocarbon geological data helps to understand the Hungarian petroleum systems and to plan future exploration.
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