Possibilities of IoT based management system in greenhouses

Tóth, Mihály ✉ [Tóth, Mihály (Agrárinformatika), szerző] Ihrig Károly Gazdálkodás- és Szervezéstudományo... (DE / TDT); Felföldi, János [Felföldi, János (Agrárközgazdaságtan), szerző] Alkalmazott Informatika és Logisztika Intézet (DE / GTK); Szilágyi, Róbert [Szilágyi, Róbert (Gazdálkodás- és s...), szerző] Alkalmazott Informatika és Logisztika Intézet (DE / GTK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
  • IV. Agrártudományok Osztálya: A
The widespread use of information technologies provides new opportunities for agriculture to achieve optimal results. The IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, parts of the Industry 4.0 concept, provide methods to establish primary databases adjusted to the needs of the specific farm. Previously, several modular, multifunctional data acquisition systems have been developed, to measure factors at multiple spatial points. In the following, an experimental, cost-effective greenhouse management system will be presented, based on the 5th generation reference system. During the first test, the system provided multi-point environmental data to discover the characteristics of the greenhouse, to meet the decision-makers requirements and to use it as basis for controlling, thereby ensuring optimal environment during the production. To store measurement and additional data, describing the farm for management purposes, databases and a module for the web-based application was developed to ensure data integrity. The application provides functions to manage the system and to analyze as well as visualize data through ETL processes. In the paper, the initial stepsof the experiment have been presented, including the opportunities, the sensor network, the management application and a test to gather real-time experience to support the development of further features.
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2022-01-21 12:24