Alterations of plasma membranes related to cold acclimation of plants

Yoshida, S.; Uemura, M.

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Könyvfejezet (Könyvrészlet)
    There is mounting evidence to suggest that plasma membranes play a central role in freezing injury of plant cells. 1,2 Therefore, it is quite natural to assume that plasma membranes undergo chemical alterations during cold acclimation so as to adjust their properties against freezing stress. However, no direct evidence has been presented until now as to what chemical changes are produced on the plasma membranes and how the changes are responsible for their protection against freezing. A major problem encountered by investigators attempting to analyze plasma membrane compositions, however, is the difficulty of plasma membrane isolation in a high purity and in large quantities needed for the detailed studies. Recently, we have established a method to purify plasma membranes from most plants using an aqueous two-polymer phase system containing NaCl. 3,4 This enabled us to investigate the biochemical alterations of plasma membrane molecules related to cold acclimation. © 1989 by CRC Press, Inc.
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    2021-05-08 12:33