Signatures of single quantum dots in graphene nanoribbons within the quantum Hall regime

Tóvári, Endre [Tóvári, Endre (fizika), author] Department of Physics (BUTE / FNS / IP); Makk, Péter [Makk, Péter (szilárdtestfizika), author]; Peter, Rickhaus; Christian, Schönenberger; Csonka, Szabolcs [Csonka, Szabolcs (Kísérleti szilárd...), author] HAS-BME Condensed Materials Research Group (BUTE / FNS / IP / DP); Department of Physics (BUTE / FNS / IP)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
Published: NANOSCALE 2040-3364 2040-3372 8 (22) pp. 11480-11486 2016
  • SJR Scopus - Materials Science (miscellaneous): D1
    We report on the observation of periodic conductance oscillations near quantum Hall plateaus in suspended graphene nanoribbons. They are attributed to single quantum dots that are formed in the narrowest part of the ribbon, in the valleys and hills of a disorder potential. In a wide flake with two gates, a double-dot system's signature has been observed. Electrostatic confinement is enabled in single- layer graphene due to the gaps that are formed between the Landau levels, suggesting a way to create gate-defined quantum dots that can be accessed with quantum Hall edge states.
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