Getting facts about interplanetary mission of Cassini-Huygens spacecraft

Aldabbas, Ashraf Khaled Abd Elkareem; Gál, Zoltán [Gál, Zoltán (Információtechnol...), szerző] Informatikai Kar (DE); Informatikai Rendszerek és Hálózatok Tanszék (DE / IK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    The accessibility to a huge quantity of data gathered by remote sensing of planetary missions vindicate the utilization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to study and analyze outer space planets and trajectories to reach them. As data size raise, the exploitation of GIS methods provide the scientists with approach for rapid data retrieval, while detailed examination of heterogeneous data grant the possibility of making perceptible differentiation analysis along various batches of data which in a different state or situation could be complicated to be implemented. The work introduced here characterizes the mission of Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft with its phases and the related mission parameters besides providing analyze visualization and conception of a remotely sensed dataset with a GIS scope that conferring the possibility to carry out deep analysis for the mission path and the related planetary data.
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    2021-03-01 02:51