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Márjánovics, Diána [Márjánovics, Diána (irodalomtudomány), szerző] Irodalomtudományi Intézet (BTK)

Magyar nyelvű Recenzió/kritika (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
Megjelent: RECITI.HU Paper: 5139 2019
    Body – text – body presents a thematic compilation of Györgyi Földes’s papers from the past ten years, in relation to the topic of corporeal representation and the Other in literary works. The book serves as important background literature and aims at bringing corporeal narratology closer to a Hungarian audience. According to the main thesis of the volume, body is a sociological–cultural representation, it is always a lingual construction, and a substantial element of discourse. Földes’s work examines the complex relation of text and body in the case of both influential and marginal authors (e. g.: Szabó Dezső, Agota Kristof, Rakovszky Zsuzsa; Galgóczi Erzsébet, Marie NDiaye, Lesznai Anna). Földes’s papers scrutinize this complex phenomenon from several perspectives. The author employs different theoretical approaches, such as hermeneutics, Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis, structuralism, classical narratology, trauma studies, poststructural feminism, transnational and exile studies, and cyborg theory.
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    2022-01-29 02:33