Effect of Composition and Heat Treatment on Porosity, Microstructures and Phase Composition of Technical Ceramics Made From Kaolin and IG-017 Additive

Emese, Kurovics [Kurovics, Emese (anyagtudomány), szerző] Kerpely Antal Anyagtudományok és technológiák D... (ME / MATK); László, A Gömze [Gömze, Antal László (Anyagtudományok é...), szerző] Kerámia- és Szilikátmérnöki Intézeti Tanszék (ME / MATK); Jamal, Eldin F. M. Ibrahim [IBRAHIM, JAMAL ELDIN FADOUL MOHAMMED (Material Science ...), szerző] Kerpely Antal Anyagtudományok és technológiák D... (ME / MATK); Ludmila, N. Gömze

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Folyóiratcikk)
Konferencia: The 5th International Conference on Competitive Materials and Technology Processes 2018-10-08 [Miskolc-Lillafüred, Magyarország]
    Using the conventional kaolin powders and the IG-017 additives of IGREX Ltd. [1-3], the authors have developed new ceramic composite materials which can meet successfully different industrial requirements [4-6]. For these purposes first the mix of raw material powders were mechanically activated in a laboratory planetary ball mill and after were compacted in to cylindrical specimens and heat-treated in a laboratory chamber kiln in different atmospheres. In case of oxygen-free sintering, new high-porosity ceramic composites were obtained, in microstructure of which carbon nano and micro particles were also formed. Before the experiments the particle size distribution and thermo analytical properties (DTA, TG, DTG) of the used raw materials were determined by laser granulometry and derivatography. The microstructure and morphology of the developed specimens were studied by scanning electron microscopy, the elementary material composition of the breaking surfaces was determined by EDAX and the oxide and phase composition of specimens were studied by X-ray diffraction test. The results obtained by the authors have shown the intensively influences of the raw material compositions and the used heat treatment conditions not only on the sintered material micro- and macrostructure and porosity, but also on the physical properties of the developed new ceramic composite items such as phase compositions and colors.
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    2022-01-23 09:29