Intramembrane charge movements in striated muscle

Huang, Christopher L-H

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Monográfia (Könyv)
Megjelent: Clarendon Press, Oxford, Egyesült Királyság / Anglia, 304 p. 1993
Sorozatok: Monographs of the Physiological Society 0079-2020, 50; Oxford medical publications
    This book provides a review of developments made in the understanding of cellular activation phenomena in striated muscle. Basic physical, mathematical, and physiological principles are covered. The book consistently draws correlations both with cellular and molecular biological information, and their physiological consequences and significance. It is accessible both as a survey of basic concepts and as an authoritative review of recent work in the field. The book succeeds in explaining complex biophysics in such a way that the non-expert reader obtains insights into the molecular mechanisms of muscle activation and their control mechanisms, as well as in providing the expert with the detailed mathematical and experimental evidence.
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