ICT Related Tasks and Challenges In The New Model of Technical Teacher Training

György, Molnár [Molnár, György (neveléstudomány, ...), szerző] Műszaki Pedagógia Tanszék (BME / GTK / APPI); András, Benedek [Benedek, András (Neveléselmélet és...), szerző] Műszaki Pedagógia Tanszék (BME / GTK / APPI)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    As constant changes become a commonplace of everyday life, the clearly perceptible processes by which learning spaces are expanding are releasing new teaching and learning potentials and creating the opportunity to build knowledge networks. The symptoms of this development can be seen in the behaviour of learners, the formation of elearning habits and the spread of community-based forms of communication. The effect of these changes can be perceived in the transformation of the roles of both teachers and students, and of the learning environment. The results of the survey conducted on a micro-scale in connection with the performance appraisal of the new elements may be relevant to the new educational and graduation requirements for technical teachers currently being formulated, and may help to guide future syllabus design and teaching material development. The results of the survey informs future teachers on how the new benchmark analysis is implemented in micro environment and can help appoint future training requirements and develop the appropriate curriculum.
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    2021-10-19 11:25