A discrete simulation-based algorithm for the technological investigation of 2.5D milling operations

Jacso, Adam [Jacsó, Ádám (Gyártástechnológia), szerző] Gyártástudomány és -technológia Tanszék (BME / GPK); Szalay, Tibor [Szalay, Tibor (Gyártástechnológia), szerző] Gyártástudomány és -technológia Tanszék (BME / GPK); Carlos Jauregui, Juan; Rodriguez Resendiz, Juvenal

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
  • SJR Scopus - Mechanical Engineering: Q2
    Many applications are available for the syntactic and semantic verification of NC milling tool paths in simulation environments. However, these solutions - similar to the conventional tool path generation methods - are generally based on geometric considerations, and for that reason they cannot address varying cutting conditions. This paper introduces a new application of a simulation algorithm that is capable of producing all the necessary geometric information about the machining process in question for the purpose of further technological analysis. For performing such an analysis, an image space-based NC simulation algorithm is recommended, since in the case of complex tool paths it is impossible to provide an analytical description of the process of material removal. The information obtained from the simulation can be used not only for simple analyses, but also for optimisation purposes with a view to increasing machining efficiency.
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    2021-10-16 17:40