Paleogenomics: reconstruction of plant evolutionary trajectories from modern and ancient DNA

Pont, Caroline; Wagner, Stefanie; Kremer, Antoine; Orlando, Ludovic; Plomion, Christophe; Salse, Jerome

English Scientific Notices/Popularizing article (Journal Article)
Published: GENOME BIOLOGY 1474-7596 1474-760X 1465-6906 20 Paper: 29 , 17 p. 2019
      How contemporary plant genomes originated and evolved is a fascinating question. One approach uses reference genomes from extant species to reconstruct the sequence and structure of their common ancestors over deep timescales. A second approach focuses on the direct identification of genomic changes at a shorter timescale by sequencing ancient DNA preserved in subfossil remains. Merged within the nascent field of paleogenomics, these complementary approaches provide insights into the evolutionary forces that shaped the organization and regulation of modern genomes and open novel perspectives in fostering genetic gain in breeding programs and establishing tools to predict future population changes in response to anthropogenic pressure and global warming.
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