The Stolpen Volcano in the Lausitz Volcanic Field (East Germany) - volcanological, petrographic and geochemical investigations at the type locality of basalt

Tietz, Olaf; Buechner, Joerg; Lapp, Manuel; Scholle, Thomas

English Scientific Conference paper in journal (Journal Article)
Published: JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES 1802-6222 1803-1943 63 (4) pp. 299-315 2018
      The similar to 30 Ma Stolpen Volcano near Dresden (Saxony) is situated at the western margin of the Lausitz Volcanic Field. It forms a small isolated basaltic hill, the famous Stolpen Castle Hill, penetrating the granodioritic basement of the Lausitz Block and is worldwide the type locality for the term 'basalt', as coined by Agricola (1546). The volcano has always been interpreted as subvolcanic crypto-or lava dome.
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