Analysis of new direct sampling indicators for far-field measurements

Harris, Isaac; Kleefeld, Andreas

English Educational Not classified (Book)
Published: AMS, Providence (RI), United States of America 2019
    • MTMT: 30440542
    This article focuses on the analysis of three direct sampling indicators which can be used for recovering scatterers from the far-field pattern of time-harmonic acoustic measurements. These methods fall under the category of sampling methods where an indicator function is constructed using the far-field operator. Motivated by some recent work, we study the standard indicator using the far-field operator and two indicators derived from the factorization method. We show the equivalence of two indicators previously studied as well as propose a new indicator based on the Tikhonov regularization applied to the far-field equation for the factorization method. Finally, we give some numerical examples to show how the reconstructions compare to other direct sampling methods.
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