Business Doesn’t Run without Peace and Peace Doesn’t Come without Business

Taksás, Balázs [Taksás, Balázs (védelemgazdaságtan), author] KLI (NUPS / HHK)

Hungarian Scientific Article (Journal Article)
Published: HADTUDOMÁNYI SZEMLE 2060-0437 XI (4) pp. 430-447 Paper: 0000-0001-7583-4198 2018
  • Hadtudományi Bizottság: B
  • Állam- és Jogtudományi Bizottság: D
  • MTMT: 30351384
  • ResearchGate publ.: 329738758
    Thearticle dealswith the economic actions of peacebuilding, focusing more specifically on the short-term tasks. This includes organizing basic supplying of the public, followed by the setting up and getting the economic actions on the track of expansion. The lack of thislatter step is usually the main cause of peacebuilding failures, since national community is willing to make sacrifices towards public supplies, however they do not finance the resuscitation of the corporate sector.However, permanent peace cannot be reached without permanent increase in economic performance and standard of living. In order to start economic expansion, however, international capital injection would be needed which will not occur without permanent peace. This „catch-22” situation and the problems behind it is what I am summarizing here.
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