Közép-Európai tájpolitikák

Filepné, Kovács Krisztina [Filepné Kovács, Krisztina (Tájpotenciál, táj...), author] Department of Landscape Planning and Regional D... (SZIU / TÁJÉPK); Paloma, De Linares [Gonzalez de linares, Paloma (Kertészet, tájépí...), author]; Iváncsics, Vera [Iváncsics, Vera (Tájtervezés), author] PhD in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Eco... (SZIU / TÁJÉPK); Anita, Kukulska; Magdalena, Wilkoszmamcarczyk; Kararzyna, Cegielka; Marta, Szylar; Tomasz, Noszczyk; Valánszki, István [Valánszki, István (Tájtervezés, terü...), author] Department of Landscape Planning and Regional D... (SZIU / TÁJÉPK)

Hungarian Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    Abstract We analysed the main elements of landscape policy of France, Germany, Poland and Hungary. Germany and France, both have a strong landscape policy but of different character. We compare these systems with the landscape policy tools of Eastern-Central European countries. Our research questions were: What are the main tools and institutional system of landscape policy? What are the means of public participation? How the European Landscape Convention influenced the landscape policy?
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    2020-08-09 13:55