Ion exchange isotherms in solid: electrolyte solution systems

Nagy, NM [M. Nagy, Noémi (Környezettudomány), author] Department of Colloid and Environmental Chemistry (UD / IChem); Kovács, EM [Kovács, Eszter Mária (Kémia), author]; Kónya, J [Kónya, József (Radiokémia), author] Department of Colloid and Environmental Chemistry (UD / IChem)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
  • SJR Scopus - Analytical Chemistry: Q2
    It is shown show that the ion exchange isotherms and the law of mass action are equivalent, the c/a versus c functions can be derived from the law of mass action (c and a: the concentration of ions in ion exchanger and solution, respectively). The equations are applied for cation exchange processes of bentonite clay (cobalt, manganese, mercury ions with calcium-bentonite; strontium ions with sodium-bentonite; cesium ions with lanthanide bentonite; lutetium ion with calcium-bentonite). The linear or non-linear shape of the isotherms does not prove the heterogeneity of the ion exchanger or the interaction among the sorbed cations. © 2015 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary
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    2021-12-09 11:11