Development of Agricultural Statistics from Design to Publication of Data

Laczka, Éva [Laczka, Éva Zita (Agrárstatisztika,...), szerző] Központi Statisztikai Hivatal

Angol nyelvű Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk) Tudományos
    Agricultural statistics have the longest and richest past in the history of the independent Hungarian statistical service. During the 150 years history of Hungarian statistics agricultural statistics have always been in the fore front of developments and their implementation. The developments that were realized through the years concerned equally the functioning of the system of agricultural statistics, the methods used, the technical solutions applied, but they also brought numerous novelties in the communication of agricultural data. It is maybe not a lack of modesty to mention that in the majority of cases, developments in the field of agricultural statistics have influenced the whole Hungarian statistical system. It does not happen frequently either that thanks to statistics, new concepts are introduced in agricultural terminology, statistical data influence the development of agricultural policy. It is not easy and would maybe be unworthy to qualify or rank the developments presented in this article. Nevertheless I would like to highlight among them –due to their novelty and specifi cities- two major developments, the elaboration and use of spot maps, and the setting up and introduction of the unified (electronic) data processing system. I hope however that the solution we used to publish quickly preliminary census data, the database of the plantation survey using geo-coordinates, or the agricultural atlas and interactive graphs used in agricultural statistics will also arouse the interest of the reader.
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    2022-10-03 01:14