Applying Integrated Risk Management Scenarios

János, Ivanyos [Ivanyos, János (vállalatirányítás...), author] College of Finance and Accountancy (BGF); Éva, Sándor-Kriszt [Sándorné Kriszt, Éva (Gazdálkodás- és s...), author] Módszertani Intézeti Tanszéki Osztály (BGF / PSZK); Ganite, Kurt; Tugba, Uçma

English Not classified (Miscellaneous) Scientific
Published: 2014
    • MTMT: 2926639
    The objective of this deliverable is to provide a handbook for the risk-based internal financial control trainings by presenting how the Integrated Governance Capability Assessor and Internal Financial Control Assessor skill cards are applicable to use Integrated Risk Management scenarios in supporting the implementation of the risk-based internal financial control system for SMEs. These Integrated Risk Management scenarios are taking the governance objectives of the Governance Model for Trusted Businesses into the context of the operational and organizational levels and their specific business goals relevant for SMEs.
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