Wearable sensors network for health monitoring using e-Health platform

I., Orha; Oniga, István (S. Oniga) [Oniga, István (villamos mérnök), author]

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
    In this paper we have proposed to present a wearable system for automatic recording of the main physiological parameters of the human body: body temperature, galvanic skin response, respiration rate, blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen content, blood glucose content, electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyography(EMG), and patient position. To realize this system, we have developed a program that can read and automatically save in a file, the data from specialized sensors. The results can be later interpreted, by comparing them with known normal values and thus offering the possibility for a primary health status diagnosis by specialized personnel. The data received from the wearable sensors is taken by an interface circuit, provided with signal conditioning (filtering, amplification, etc). A microcontroller controls the data acquisition. In this applications we used an Arduino Uno standard development platform. The data are transferred to a PC, using serial communication port of Arduino platform and a communications shield. The whole process of health assessment is commissioned by a program developed by us in the Python programming language. The program provides automatic recording of the aforementioned parameters in a predetermined sequence, or only certain parameters are registered.
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    2020-09-29 20:30