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Kiss, Gábor Ferenc [Kiss, Gábor Ferenc (Történettudomány), szerző] Regionális és Környezettörténeti szakcsoport (SZTE / JGYPK / AHI / ATT)

Magyar nyelvű Tudományos Szaktanulmány (Könyvrészlet)
    • MTMT: 2826596
    This study presents and analyses the power relation at the time of the outbreak of WWI. The examination is focused primarily on the great powers of the era, including those countries that entered the war later. The war potentials of Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Great-Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States of America are reviewed and compared. Other countries are discussed only if the analysis of the aforementioned powers requires. The study relies on published data and absolute and relative indexes are applied to describe the relations and tendencies of the years before WWI. The emphasis is put on those parameters whose significance was confirmed by the outcomes of the war. The most important aspects of the analysis are geographical, ethnic and demographic characteristics, military and economic capacities, military goals and operation plans. In addition to numerical data, I consider political and cultural relations very important as well. My aim is to highlight those factors of the war that might be less noticeable than the events on the fronts, but still very important.
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    2021-01-23 17:56