Beszámoló a Békési-hát halmainak felméréséről = Report of mound survey in the Central Békés region (Békés County, Hungary)

Bede, Ádám [Bede, Ádám (régészet), author]

Hungarian Scientific Article (Journal Article)
    After mound survey works in Csongrád county and the East Csanád region (Csanádi-hát) we continue the surveying in the Central Békés region (Békési-hát) belonging to the Körös-Maros National Park Directorate. We were surveying mounds in 36 settlements between 2008 and 2011 (sum total 2576 km2). During the research we used handmade and printed maps from the 18–20th centuries, source works, scripts from archives and special literature of regional history, archeology, onomatology and natural science. We registered altogether 570 mounds. 248 of them have names (43.5%) and 322 mounds have not (56.5%). We elaborated a scale with seven grade to rating mounds, because we needed an order of rank to start conservating the most important mounds. The important mounds make up the category of 1, 2 or 3, the unimportants make up the category of 4 or 5, and the disappeared mounds make up the category of 6 or 0. The number of important mounds (category 1–3) is 134 (23.5%), the number of unimportants (category 4–5) is 276 (48.4%) and the number of distroyed mounds (category 6 and 0) is 160 (28.1%). The practical conservation work is very urgent, because most of the small mounds will disappear undoubtedly within 5-15 years due to the weighty agricultural machines and the extensive agricultural work, so we must stop the cultivation on the mounds as soon as possible.
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    2022-01-19 03:21