Twelve Poems Attributed to Fland Manistrech from the Book of Leinster

Pődör, Dóra [Pődör, Dóra (Nyelvtudomány), szerző] Angol Nyelvű Irodalmak és Kultúrák Tanszéke (KRE / BTK)

Angol és Ír nyelvű Tudományos PhD (Disszertáció)
Megjelent: , 400 p. 1999
    • MTMT: 2787486
    One of the aims of this thesis is to produce a translated and annotated text of twelve poems attributed to the eleventh-century poet, Fland Manistrech (d. 1056) from the Book of Leinster (Trinity College Dublin), a manuscript dating from the mid-twelfth century. A diplomatic edition of all of these poems exists, and ten have also been translated before -- nine into English, and one into German. Note that this thesis does not intend to provide a definitive edition of these texts. Another important concern is to give an extensive analysis of the metrical and linguistic features of these poems. Finally, an attempt is made to compare the language of these poems with one another and with Saltair na Rann. We know that Fland Manistrech lived and worked around the middle of the 11th century, right in the middle of the Middle Irish period, so the poems attributed to him represent a corpus which can be fixed in time. It is hoped that both the metrical and the linguistic analysis (the first of which consists of the description of the metrical features of these poems and their comparison with the requirements of dán díreach in the ClModIr period) will provide a point of departure or reference for the analysis of other undated poetry from the MIr period written in the same metres. The thesis contains the texts, the translations, the notes, an analysis of the metrics, and the linguistic analysis.
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