Fission γ-RAY Measurements with Lanthanum Halide Scintillation Detectors

Oberstedt, A; Billnert, R; Karlsson, J; Göök, A; Oberstedt, S; Hambsch, F-J; Ledoux, X; Marmouget, J-G; Belgya, T [Belgya, Tamás (Atommagfizika), szerző] Izotópkutató Intézet (MTA EK); Kis, Z [Kis, Zoltán (Radioanalitika), szerző] Izotópkutató Intézet (MTA EK); Szentmiklosi, L [Szentmiklósi, László (Promt-gamma aktiv...), szerző] Izotópkutató Intézet (MTA EK); Takács, K; Martinez-Perez, T; Cano-Ott, D

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Könyvfejezet (Könyvrészlet)
    In a recent experiment, performed at the 10 MW research reactor at the Institute of Isotopes (IKI) in Budapest, the emission of prompt γ-rays from the cold-neutron induced fission of 236U* was measured. For that purpose four cerium-doped lanthanum halide scintillation detectors were employed and found very useful in order to distinguish between γ-rays from different reactions. Although data analysis is not completed yet, we could show that these novel detectors indeed provide the means towards new and more precise input data necessary for the modeling of γ-heating in nuclear reactors.
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    2021-10-16 11:56