Overview of a Space Based Quantum Key Distribution Network

Laszlo, Bacsardi [Bacsárdi, László (Informatika), szerző] Informatikai és Gazdasági Intézet (NymE / SKK); Andras, Kiss

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    • MTMT: 2754235
    The quantum satellite communication is based on the need of long distance secret communication. The quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols follow the laws of the quantum mechanics. According to these laws, any attempt of eavesdropping the key will disturb the quantum states during the key distribution process, and the presence of an eavesdropper will be revealed. In the last years, several studies dealt with laser based space communications, but it is still an unrealized technique in Earth-satellite and satellite-satellite communications. Our aim is to develop a complex network model which enables the quantum key exchange service in a global scale. We developed a simulation platform to model the communication network. We analyzed and evaluated the performance characteristics of such satellite network including bit error rate and waiting time.
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    2021-04-13 21:51