Gender Attitudes About Traditional and Renewable Energy Sources

Németh, Péter [Németh, Péter (Marketing), szerző] Gazdálkodástani Doktori Iskola (PTE / DI); Jakopánecz, Eszter [Jakopánecz, Eszter (PhD Közgazdaságtu...), szerző] Gazdálkodástani Doktori Iskola (PTE / DI); Törőcsik, Mária [Törőcsik, Mária (Marketing, Fogyas...), szerző] Marketing Tanszék (PTE / KTK / GTI)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    We can find lots of differences if we examine the habits, attitudes, roles and values of men and women. In our research we aim to analyze the gender differences about energy sources, energy consumption, saving habits, openness, companies’ social responsibility and environmental issues. We applied a face-to-face questionnaire with 2000 respondents which represents the Hungarian population by gender, age, education, region and the residence’s type of settlement. We found that differences between men’s and women’s attitudes about energy issues exist. We also found that there are different groups of men based on energy issues. These groups differ based on consciousness, sympathy of alternative, traditional and renewable energy sources and the energy saving habits.
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    2022-01-23 00:32