Practical aspects of implementation of a multi-domain LED model

András, Poppe ✉ [Poppe, András (Mikroelektronika), author] Department of Electron Devices (BUTE / FEEI); Albin, Szalai [Szalai, Albin (Mikroelektronika), author] Department of Electron Devices (BUTE / FEEI)

English Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    Based on prior paper on multi-domain modeling of LEDs this paper provides an overview of the implementation issues of such model. On one hand the option of simplifying SPICE like macro models by using a commercial, fully coupled electro-thermal simulator is shown. On the other hand implementation details of an LED model are shown in which the current components responsible for heat dissipation and light emission are described separately. Using the current component responsible for light emission the radiant flux of the LED can be calculated directly. As a novelty in LED multid-domain modeling, using the “efficacy of radiation of the light source” is proposed for modeling the emitted luminous flux. The applicability of this quantity is demonstrated by an example.
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    2021-06-17 22:28