Cross-layer Optimized Delivery for Interactive Multimedia Healthcare Services: The CONCERTO Architecture

László, Bokor [Bokor, László (informatika), szerző] Hálózati Rendszerek és Szolgáltatások Tanszék (BME / VIK); Gianmarco, Panza; Janne, Vehkaperä; Lorenzo, Iacobelli; Esa, Piri; Matteo, Mazzotti; Benoit, Lecroart; Maria, Martini

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény)
    The provision of telemedicine services requires the usage of advanced and reliable communication techniques to offer diagnostically acceptable Quality of Experience (QoE) in the delivery of biomedical data between distant locations either using wireline or wireless access networks. To overcome the restrictions of conventional communication systems and to address the challenges imposed by wireless multimedia delivery and adaptation for healthcare applications, the FP7 ICT CONCERTO project proposes a cross-layer optimized architecture with all the critical building blocks integrated for medical media content fusion, delivery and access. In this poster we focus on the general architecture design of CONCERTO and present a sophisticated access network and inter-domain signalling framework with a distributed decision engine for cross-layer communication management and adaptation control of quality demanding interactive multimedia healthcare services.
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    2021-02-26 20:09