Model of Multimodal Mobility Coordination and Guiding System

Csaba, Csiszár [Csiszár, Csaba (Közlekedéstudomány), author] Department of Transport Technology and Economics (BUTE / FTE)

English Scientific Article (Journal Article)
    Abstract— Travelers manage information both before and during their journeys. There are advanced Information Technology (IT) solutions available for this purpose, but most current applications map transport alternatives only partially. They have functional imperfections and their personalization is limited. Most of the research in this field is confined to developing this type of limited application. Few scientific studies have been published regarding the interaction between traveler and operator function in the management of transport chains. Similarly, little research has been devoted to the comprehensive development of information flows. The aim of this research is the elaboration of the model of a Multimodal Mobility Coordination and Guiding System (MMCGS) on a logical-functional level. Applied methodology consists of the analysis of the information management of travelers and operators, the summary of existing and future infocommunication technologies and the investigation of co-operation between human and IT components. All this is executed using a system- and process-oriented approach. Results of the research: the system architecture of the proposed MMCGS and its model of operation are described in this paper. In consideration of this conclusion: it is possible to identify further research fields, as well as to coordinate future system and application development (supplemented with additional features). As a general consequence: the proposed system affords a promising opportunity for efficient (sustainable) and high quality passenger transport. Index Terms—integrated information system, multimodal transportation, mobility management, personalization.
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    2021-06-23 14:49