Limitations of Phased Array Beamforming in Open Rotor Noise Source Imaging

Horváth, Csaba [Horváth, Csaba (Áramlástan), szerző] Áramlástan Tanszék (BME / GPK); Envia, Edmane; Podboy, Gary G

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
      Phased array beamforming results of the F31/A31 historical baseline counter-rotating open rotor blade set were investigated for measurement data taken on the General Electric Counter-Rotating Open Rotor Propulsion Rig in the 9’ x 15’ Low Speed Wind Tunnel of NASA Glenn Research Center as well as data produced using the LINPROP open rotor tone noise code. The planar microphone array was positioned broadside and parallel to the axis of the open rotor, roughly 2.3 rotor diameters away. The results provide insight as to why the apparent noise sources of the blade passing frequency tones and interaction tones appear at their nominal Mach radii instead of at the actual noise sources, even if those locations are not on the blades. Contour maps corresponding to the sound fields produced by the radiating sound waves, taken from the simulations, are used to illustrate how the interaction patterns of circumferential spinning modes of rotating coherent noise sources interact with the phased array, often giving misleading results, as the apparent sources do not always show where the actual noise sources are located. This suggests that a more sophisticated source model would be required to accurately locate the sources of each tone. The results of this study also have implications with regard to the shielding of open rotor sources by airframe empennages.
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      2021-10-23 04:45