Real-time updating of noise maps by source-selective noise monitoring

Geréb, Gábor [Geréb, Gábor (Hálózatok), author] Department of Networked Systems and Services (BUTE / FEEI)

English Article (Journal Article) Scientific
  • SJR Scopus - Acoustics and Ultrasonics: Q2
  • Physical sciences
By the spread of environmental noise mapping and real-time noise monitoring techniques a new demand has appeared for a noise map that represents the actual noise situation by its regular updating. With the help of the propagation modeling we are able to determine the noise immission’s spatial distribution while with the help of monitoring we can determine its time distribution. Therefore, the combination of the two techniques is obvious. However, multiple theoretical and practical problems have risen during the realization. The present paper describes a hypothesis about the determinability of the noise immission level at every point in a certain area with the source-selective noise immission data of a reference point; and another hypothesis about the possibility to measure noise immission source-selectively by determining the dominant sources of noise events using observations of the surrounding environment. The paper verifies the above hypotheses and presents an experimental realization of them in a real environment.
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2023-11-30 16:21