Spherical Target Based Trajectory Recovery From Kinect Depth Imagery

Bence, Molnár [Molnár, Bence (Térinformatika és...), author] Department of Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics (BUTE / FCE); Charles, Toth

English Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    MS Kinect, a motion sensor, developed as a game console for the XBOX360, is a Flash-LiDAR-type sensor. Earlier investigations have confirmed that good accuracy can be achieved with that inexpensive device. As the returned depth image is coarsely quantized and the spacing of the points is growing with the object distance, the accuracy degrades at larger object distances. If the measured object morphology is known, this effect can be compensated, and, consequently, consistent accuracy can be maintained over the entire range. In positioning applications, targets, such as spheres, are frequently used, and thus, target fitting methods can result in highly accurate target-sensor distance estimation. If multiple targets are detectable in a sequence of depth images, the sensor locations can be determined by resection. The paper provides a performance evaluation of the method applied to indoor platform positioning and mapping.
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    2021-10-16 04:11