Integrated Telematics System for Passengers’ Guide at Intermodal Traffic Centres

Csaba, Csiszár [Csiszár, Csaba (Közlekedéstudomány), szerző] Közlekedésüzemi és Közlekedésgazdasági Tanszék (BME / KJK); Dénes, Válóczi [Válóczi, Dénes (Közlekedéstudomány), szerző] Közlekedésüzemi és Közlekedésgazdasági Tanszék (BME / KJK); Denis, Shestakov

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet)
    This paper describes a new optimum search method regarding the passengers’ transit process. Route-finder programs available nowadays via internet do not deal with users’ personal characteristics (preferences), which are especially important at interchanges. Therefore we have created a micro graph model, which is based on the parameters of intermodal traffic centres, passengers’ behaviour, travel and environmental properties. With the description of elementary specifications we could investigate passengers’ movements which are modified as a result of the information perceived. Conclusions: use of this new method in the users’ applications allows them to gain real advantages (i.e. reliable information, reduction of access time). This so called “micro approach” later can also be embedded in a macro model, which is an extension of this work. It provides opportunities for further, more detailed research regarding the entire transit process.
    Hivatkozás stílusok: IEEEACMAPAChicagoHarvardCSLMásolásNyomtatás
    2021-10-19 09:50