Sub-Centres or Edge-Cities 2

Kocsis, János Balázs [Kocsis, János Balázs (Szociológia), szerző] Szociológia és Kommunikáció Tanszék (BME / GTK / TI)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény)
    In my paper presented at the ENHR Istanbul Conference (SUB-CENTRES OR EDGE CITIES? - socio-spatial and economic transformation of South-Western Budapest agglomeration) I analysed the socio-economic developments of one of the fastest changing Budapest agglomeration area from rather a larger scale point of view. The recent and ongoing qualitative and quantitative analyses – namely, interviews with local stakeholders, residents and a survey of 1,600 interviewees in the settlements of the area – enables us to accomplish now a more in-depth scrutiny of the processes and to give a more thorough and detailed description. Micro-tendencies in, and patterns of, movements, the causes thereof, both in case of households and enterprises will be accounted for, as well as the different approaches and actions taken by institutional actors and the rationale behind are being mapped and will presented at the conference. The results will be placed and analysed within the theoretical framework presented in Istanbul, distinguishing global and local trends in the transformation of the edges of cities and the transition from a monocentric to a polycentric urban fabric within a large metropolis area of Eastern Central Europe.
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    2021-03-08 02:12