Architecture of a Network-Aware P2P-TV Application: The NAPA-WINE Approach

Robert, Birke; Emilio, Leonardi; Marco, Mellia; Arpad, Bakay; Tivadar, Szemethy; Csaba, Kiraly [Király, Csaba (Számítógép-hálózatok), szerző]; Renato, Lo Cigno; Fabien, Mathieu; Luca, Muscariello; Saverio, Niccolini; Jan, Seedorf; GiuseppeTropea

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Szakcikk (Folyóiratcikk)
Megjelent: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE 0163-6804 49 (6) pp. 154-163 2011
  • SJR Scopus - Computer Networks and Communications: D1
    Peer to Peer streaming (P2P-TV) applications have recently emerged as cheap and efficient solutions to provide real time streaming services over the Internet. For the sake of simplicity, typical P2P-TV systems are designed and optimized following a pure layered approach, thus ignoring the effect of design choices on the underlying transport network. This simple approach, however, may constitute a threat for the network providers, due to the congestion that P2P-TV traffic can potentially generate. In this paper, we present and discuss the architecture of an innovative, network cooperative P2P-TV application that is being designed and developed within the STREP Project NAPA-WINE. Our application is explicitly targeted to favor cooperation between the application and the transport network layer.
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