Motion planning approaches to highly redundant manipulators

Tevesz, Gábor [Tevesz, Gábor (Irányítástechnika), szerző] Automatizálási és Alkalmazott Informatikai Tanszék (BME / VIK); Varga, Dániel [Varga, Dániel (Automatizálás), szerző] Automatizálási és Alkalmazott Informatikai Tanszék (BME / VIK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény)
    One possible usage of highly redundant robot manipulators – arms with several degrees of freedom (DOF) – is to achieve hidden target. Solving inverse kinematic of 6 DOF robots in 3D space is well researched, several methods are available for motion planning. This paper presents three motion planning methods in configuration space (C-space): the Probabilistic Roadmap Method (PRM), the Single-Query Bi-Directional Probabilistic Roadmap Planner with Lazy Collision Checking (SBL). Using these two methods the rough path could be planned. Augmented Langrangian Method (ALM) refines end effector position after coarse path planning.
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    2021-10-20 00:10