Clustering framework for ODF applications to support their quality based evaluation

Bóka, Gábor [Bóka, Gábor (szoftverfejlesztés), author] Department of Control Engineering and Informati... (BUTE / FEEI)

English Scientific Conference paper (Conference paper)
    The acceptance of Open Document Format (ODF) greatly increased in the recent years and this process is likely to continue in the coming period. The software vendors reacted to the changes and release more and more applications supporting the ODF (some of these applications use ODF only for data exchange, while others use it as their primary data format). The large number of existing ODF applications makes it difficult for the users to choose the most appropriate products for their needs, and it is particularly difficult to distinguish among these products based on their quality. In our opinion, it is necessary to have a vendor-independent solution, which makes the categorization and quality based evaluation of current and forthcoming ODF applications possible. As a part of the project “Software quality assurance service- package for open document format applications - TECH_08_A2- SZOMIN08” (lasting from 2008 to 2011, supported by the EU, having 3 industrial and 3 academic consortium members) we developed a solution - called “ODF Cube” -, which is suitable for the categorization of both current and future ODF products. On the other hand we developed a method based on IEC/ISO 9126 and IEC/ISO 25000 standard families which helps to identify the most important quality attributes of the ODF application subtypes (identified by the ODF Cube), and makes it possible to determine the most important measurements to evaluate the quality of these products. In the presentation the ODF Cube and the method for identifying quality profiles for the ODF application subtypes will be shown.
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    2021-04-19 14:19