Applying MDA approach for the SA Forum platform

Zoltán, Szatmári [Szatmári, Zoltán (informatika), author] Department of Measurement and Information Systems (BUTE / FEEI); András, Kövi [Kövi, András (információs rends...), author] Department of Measurement and Information Systems (BUTE / FEEI); Manfred, Reitenspiess

English Scientific Conference paper (Conference paper)
    The Application Interface Specification of the Service Availability Forum is a set of relatively new but well elaborated service specifications that facilitate the creation of highly available, fault tolerant applications. Even if not many, but there exist applications developed based on the specifications; however, a systematic way for creating those has not been published yet. This work describes a model-driven framework for the development of AIS based applications. It enables the creation and manipulation of the application models that are used for the generation of system configuration and component code skeletons, and which can be used for the automatic checking of correctness and various other non-functional requirements.
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    2021-04-18 08:29