CFD Simulation of Flow over a Mock Urban Setting in OpenFOAM

Anikó, Rákai [Rákai, Anikó (Áramlástan), author] Department of Fluid Mechanics (BUTE / FME); Gergely, Kristóf [Kristóf, Gergely (Áramlástan), author] Department of Fluid Mechanics (BUTE / FME)

English Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    The OpenFOAM C++ simulation library is a flexible modelling code for several purposes of CFD simulations. The aim of this paper is to provide data analysis about the use of this code for modelling atmospheric flows, with the help of the data obtained in the COST 732 framework (Quality Assurance and Improvement of Microscale Meteorological Models) over a mock urban setting. The investigations were carried out with three different turbulence models and two different wall functions in OpenFOAM, compared to wind tunnel, Fluent and MISKAM data, and showed that OpenFOAM can be a suitable tool for atmospheric flow modelling.
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    2021-06-21 05:55