Web Mining as the new Methodology of Research Could Help Teachers in Education

Bóta, László [Bóta, László (ember-számítógép ...), author] Department of Ergonomics and Psychology (BUTE / FESS / IAPP)

English Scientific Conference paper (Chapter in Book)
    Web mining is one of the sub fields of data mining, the selection, retrieval or extraction of knowledge from large amounts of information held in data bases, data storage facilities, or other information repositories. (Han-Kamber, 2004) Thus through web mining we can obtain new knowledge inaccessible by the use of existing data base technology devices. Data mining can be used in all areas in which a large amount of data is produced including business, education, etc. While data mining is based on statistics, its use of advance mathematics and informatics far exceeds the limits of the statistical approach. The World Wide Web and the relevant divided information providing services function as an educational surface as well. While the managements of educational institutions significantly rely on the use of this communication platform, satisfying the information needs of the student population has to be based on an analysis of user habits and behaviour according to the routes supplied by the links located on the respective web pages. The collection of user accessibility patterns in such divided information-based environment is called accessibility route pattern mining The present research focuses on web log-based web usage mining as one of the sub fields of web mining. The presentation concentrates on the beginning stage of the research effort assisted by the SPSS Clementine data mining software and the associated Web Mining CAT module. The research effort performing a thorough examination of the home page of the Eszterházy Károly College attempts to identify ergonomic and educational problems.
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    2021-04-18 11:30