Automatic Program Generation for and by Model Transformation Systems

Varró, D [Varró, Dániel (Informatika, szof...), author] Department of Measurement and Information Systems (BUTE / FEEI)

English Conference paper (Conference paper) Scientific
    Model transformation systems are graph transformation systems that perform translations between languages defined by a corresponding metamodel as the type graph. The current paper proposes a reflective method for the automatic generation of the implementation for such transformation systems derived from a high--level specification consisting of a set of graph transformation rules and a control flow graph. The program generator takes a UML profile tailored to model transformation systems as the input, and produces the output Prolog program by successive model transformation steps. In this respect, only the core of the program generator is implemented by hand, and afterwards, this core provides automation for additional features of the VIATRA model transformation system.
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    2023-12-01 18:27