A 3D Monte Carlo semiconductor device simulator for submicron silicon MOS structures

K, Tarnay; F, Masszi; A, Poppe [Poppe, András (Mikroelektronika), szerző] Elektronikus Eszközök Tanszéke (BME / VIK); P, Verhás; T, Kocsis; Zs, Kohári [Kohári, Zsolt (elektronika), szerző] Elektronikus Eszközök Tanszéke (BME / VIK)

Angol nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Egyéb konferenciaközlemény)
    A new 3D Monte Carlo simulator has been developed for analyzing the properties of submicron Si MOS transistors using the molecular dynamics method. This program, called MiCroMOS uses the possible deepest first principles instead of any abstractions or simplifications. In this way, problems arising from the usage of a continuum view, drift-diffusion equations or effective mobility concept are inherently avoided. One of the most important new features of the program is that instead of solving Poisson's equation, the exact potential and electric field caused by the charged particles inside the simulated structure is analytically calculated, resulting in an exact modelling of all Coulomb scattering mechanisms and in real particle trajectories
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    2021-08-03 12:57