New Methods for Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Dublin Core Metadata Standard Using Complex Encoding Schemes

Szakadát, István [Szakadát, István (Szociológia), szerző] Szociológia és Kommunikáció Tanszék (BME / GTK / TI); Lois, László; Knapp, Gábor

Angol nyelvű Konferenciaközlemény (Könyvrészlet) Tudományos
    The mission of the Hungarian National Digital Archive (NDA) is the enforcement of the digitization of the documents of cultural heritage. Digitization does not only mean the production of the digital representation of physical objects. The main purpose is to make accessible cultural values, and to achieve as high a level of integration among the different archives as possible. Based on some offered standards and solutions, the metadata of the different archives can be freely harvested which makes simultaneous searches possible. However, at this point an important problem arises from the differences between the requirements of the collection management of the archives and the searching expectations or intentions of the users, or of the searching service providers. The generalization of the structured DCMI encoding scheme, like the term Period, will make it possible to satisfy both the professionalâ??s requirement of sophisticated description and the support of user search as well.
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    2023-09-23 13:23