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Oláh, J [Oláh, Judit (Agrárközgazdaságtan), szerző] Alkalmazott Informatika és Logisztika Intézet (DE / GTK); Fónai, E

Magyar nyelvű Tudományos Konferenciaközlemény (Folyóiratcikk)
    • MTMT: 2547992
    • DEA: 191680
    • SZTE Egyetemi kiadványok : 34616
    The employment opportunities and the job-market situation of the freshly graduates need specific attention. Our target is to reserach, to study, to evaluate the relevant literature, which enables us to obtain an improved view on one of the most significant economic and humanresources-related problem, which is overeducation. In order to understand the topic in greater details we have carried out a survey in Debrecen. We have questioned freshly graduates who finished their studies at Debrecen University. In our research we have formulated our questions with regard to the reasons of further education, job-seeking willingness of those answering the questionnaires following their graduation.
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    2020-08-10 08:58